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PARIS (Reuter) - European consortium Airbus expects the
world passenger jet market to grow by over 13,400 new planes by
2011, worth some $1 trillion, a spokesman said on Tuesday.
         Airbus Industrie, which estimates its current market share
at between 35 percent and 40 percent, wants eventually to
overtake the market leader, Boeing Co. of Seattle, which
accounts for more than half the sales of world passenger jets.
         Rivalry between the European and U.S. companies has
intensified since the airline industry hit recession after the
1990 Gulf War and the commercial dogfight often spills over into
disputes over claims of market share.
         McDonnell-Douglas is the third maker of jets of over 100
seats, with a share of less than 10 percent.
         The Airbus spokesman said the forecasts showed the airline
industry was now recovering.
         In its latest newsletter, the four-nation grouping estimates
largest sales will go to North American airlines with 32
percent, 31 percent to the Asia/Pacific region, 24 percent for
Europe, with Middle East, Africa and Latin America taking the
         Some 13 major airlines are expected each to take 200
aircraft in the period.

         PARIS (Reuter) - Airbus Industries will in the next few
weeks ask 12 major airlines for their views on its proposed
large passenger jet, to seat between 530 and 850 passengers.
         The aircraft consortium said in its latest newsletter
published Monday it would seek the opinion of airlines in Asia,
Europe and North America. It would also canvass suppliers,
airports and officials.
         Airbus unveiled its layout concepts for the large jet last
month at the Farnborough Airshow in Britain.
         An Airbus spokesman said British Airways Plc and Singapore
Airlines would be among those it would meet. The two carriers
have been supporters of a large jet.
         The spokesman said two major potential markets for the large
jet were the United States, which is embarking on a $950 million
program to upgrade its airports, and Japan.
         Secretary of Transportation Federico Pena last week said air
traffic was due to grow 60 percent over 10 years, and the
investment would cut delays and increase air travel.
         Airbus consists of Aerospatiale, British Aerospace Plc, DASA
of Daimler-Benz AG and CASA of Spain.