BWB In-House Correspondence

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The idea is to make continuing discussions available to the group so that everyone is aware of what is happening. This page is not protected, but is also not advertised. (6/19/00) (12/3/97) (4/27/95)
I have some new data on the current BWB configuration that I will be passing along soon. This page will be getting more active in a couple of weeks, so check it out. (3/29/95)
Anyone know how to read IGES files? I have a BWB IGES file from MDC that I would like to translate into someting else. -- IK By the way the BWB page at Langley has some pretty pictures and is updated regularly. The public page is: here and the team-only version requires a password that you can get from

The password protected pages don't have much yet, but you might check with Julio anyway. The more one thinks about generic, the harder it gets. More detailed comments to follow next week! Peter 3-24-95 I talked with Liebeck and other today about Bill Watson's model of the BWB. We will try to define some airfoil sections that are appropriate for a 6 ft model very soon.

I will also be going to Douglas on 4-5 to talk more about MDO. David, I will be getting in touch with you about geometry translation soon. Peter, any more thoughts on PASS? I am still not sure how generic or specific we should be. -- Ilan

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