Current and Recent Projects

Here is a quick look at some of our current and recent research projects. See the reports section for more detailed information.

Distributed Optimization and Flight Control Using Collectives: Stefan Bieniawski

See: Collectives Site

Using Wind Turbulence to Enhance UAV Performance: Chinmay Patel

Aircraft Optimization for Minimal Environmental Impact: Nicolas Antoine

Computational Investigation of Airfoils with Miniature Trailing Edge Control Surfaces: Hak-Tae Lee

Low Boom Supersonic Design: Martin Chan

Natural Laminar Flow for Efficient Supersonic Flight: Peter Sturdza

The Mesicopter: A Meso-scale Flight Vehicle -- Peter Kunz

See: Mesicopter Site

Former Projects


New Architectures for Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization, NASA Langley Research Center

An Interactive System for Aircraft Design, NASA Ames Research Center

A Very Large Highly Integrated Subsonic Airplane Concept, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group and NASA

Induced Drag and Wingtip Design, NASA Ames Research Center

High-Lift Modeling for Aircraft Optimization, NASA Ames Research Center

Blended Wing-Body Commercial Aircraft Concept, McDonnell-Douglas and NASA

A Role for Genetic Algorithms in Aircraft Preliminary Design , NASA Langley Research Center

Single-Winged Autorotating Aerodynamic Brake for Martian Atmospheric Entry, NASA Ames Research Center

Aerodynamic and Structural Modeling of an Oblique All-Wing Supersonic Transport, NASA Ames Research Center

Analysis of Oblique All-Wing Stability and Control and development of a remotely-piloted demonstrator, NASA Ames Research Center

Advanced Design Methods and Tools, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group